1. All Happening
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Oooh you got me, in a place I never thought I'd be,
Fixated, dilated, you could do anything to me,

Oh it's all happening now,
Oh it's all there somehow,

Verse 1:
Eternity is within reach,
I can feel it brush against my cheek,
I'm in that zone, I'm in that place,
I'm so glad you graced me with your presence.

Repeat chorus:---

Verse 2:
I salute you although I've drunk my drink,
I can still taste it and you kmow what I think,
So give me some leeway for all that you know,
'Cause you and both we're in the same show.

Repeat chorus:---
Repeat verse 1:---
Repeat chorus:---

Oh it's all happening,
Everytthing falls into the place it should be,
Grace is good see,
Bigger than the blood tree,
Bigger than anything you care to foresee,
About as big as youand me.